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The Winery

We began making wine in our barn.  It was attached to our house and offices so our winemaker, Audrey liked  her short commute! 


In 2013 we completed construction of a walk-in refrigeration unit that we now use as our wine making facility.  It is temperature controlled which protects our wines.  And, important to our winemaker, it is clean - something that was difficult to maintain when tractors and other equipment were rolling in and out of the barn.

Villa Milagro Vineyards is among the smallest wineries in the state.  Current annual production is around 2,000 cases.  To put this in perspective,  the Federal designation for a “small” winery, is any winery that produces less than 100,000 cases per year.  So that makes us 1/100th of small!  We like our "boutique" status and will grow to 3000 cases per year but no more.


Food as wine is at the heart of who we are and what we do here.  Winemaker Audrey, former professor at Columbia University Medical School has her PhD, in nutrition.   During her tenure there, she appeared frequently on television and consulted regularly with restaurants in her quest to educate and encourage people to eat locally sourced, naturally grown and simply prepared food and wine.  A farmer’s daughter from California’s verdant Central Valley, creating a vineyard and winery where farming and food come together is what she was meant to do.  Find out more at: About Audrey

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