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Press Releases & Testimonals

Villa Milagro was named one of

eleven top sustainable vineyards in the United States.

Villa Milagro launches first

organic grain farm in New Jersey

Our winemaker interviewed as

one of three female winemakers

in NJ

Villa Milagro Vineyards is a "pleasant surprise" for this blogger

Villa Milagro faces climate change issues

as do other wineries throughout the state

Villa Milagro has panoramic views overlooking two rivers

Thanks, you guys did a great job on Saturday.  We felt like we went to a friend’s house for a dinner party, we met lots of nice people, danced, and of course had great wine and food.  We’ll be watching for more …Best,  Daivd M. Krietzberg

Thank you Thank you so much for the great event! You pulled off a dramatic, decorous, romantic evening under really trying conditions.
The food was great (we told John), and your new Bordeaux style wine is delicious!

Doug & Bonnie Seeley

Wayne and I thank you so much for your wine "tasting" class. We have been having so much fun swirling and smelling- it has so enhanced an experience we already enjoy.  Must say, Sombra has much richness to take in :) The class, you and your wine are wonderful!! Nieves Fernandez

 "Gracias" was a hit at our Thanksgiving table beside Michael Symon's Brussel Sprouts with Walnuts and Capers.  Here's hoping that you have a Holy and Bountiful Christmas and a Fantastic New Year............Your Friends from Central Jersey

Kevin Keane

Thanks be to God!  I reallly appreciate your personal touch when it comes to your business.  It's wonderful to know.  I'll try to get out to your winery soon, but know that we're doing tolerably well, here.  Tom & Elaine Walsh

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