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The miracle of transforming sunlight and soil into wine!
Wines simply made

From our winemaker Audrey’s love of food comes a variety of wines that compliment many menus, food styles and cuisines. With a PhD in nutrition from University of California Berkeley and an oenology certificate from the University of California Davis, Audrey skillfully combines both the science AND the art of wine making to create original wines that pair well with foods.


From the beginning we knew that we wanted to make traditional wine - European-style, old world blends designed to be food friendly.  After all, wine has always been considered a basic food staple!  Our wines are hand-crafted artisan blends, made with minimal inputs from our eight varieties of vinifera, hybrids and American grapes. Because Audrey is a life-long asthma sufferer, our wines contain a very low amount of added sulfites.  It would be no fun if she could not enjoy her own wines!

Hear what our "Chef du Vin" has to say about some of our wines - WATCH


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Red Wines
Specialty Wines
White Wines


refreshing, crisp finish wine with light sweetness


blush wine with fragrant notes


Luz del Sol

dry, subtle Chardonnay blend


Mi Carino

wine made from honey



(available Nov 1 - Dec 31)


Feliz Navidad

(available Nov 27 - Jan 6)



chocolate infused  port-

style wine-

Steam Engine Red

(available only to Wine 

Train customers)



Casi Dulce

off dry, Italian style table wine


Noche 2018

dry, classic Bordeaux blend

Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc with Merlot

Sabroso 2018 

dry, Merlot, Cabernet

Sauvignon & Franc



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