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Join us for a Virtual Wine Cocktail Party

Saturday July 11  6:00-7:00pm

It's time to throw a cocktail party on your porch.  In these hot summer months, it is refreshing to have recipes for cocktails that are unique, delicious, cooling and safe enough to drink several !!


For a really great cocktail party, you need appetizers.....simple, easy to make, finger-licking good bites of yumminess! 


For this virtual fun event, we will provide

  • two bottles of wine from which we will make four different cocktails

    • Cool Operator and Geisha Dreams made from Luz del Sol

    • Tall, Dark & Handsome and Red Stilettos made from Casi Dulce

    • a few ingredients that are not easy to get

  • a copy of our vineyard cookbook - Tapas, Canapes, Appetizers, Hors d'oeuvres & other Tasty Bites to pair with wine from which we encourage you to make at least two appetizers (they take no time and are super easy). 



Sign up for the event and we will ship you a bottle of Luz del Sol, a bottle of Casi Dulce, the unusual ingredients and a copy of the cookbook.


Shipped orders will arrive on either Thursday or Friday.  Pickups will be ready  beginning after 2:00pm on Thursday afternoon.


Please do get your wine, ingredients & cookbook order

Pickup value $60  - price you pay $50 

Shipped value $80 - price you pay $70


Coming up next wine & chocolate pairing  - July 25



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