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Join us for a Virtual Wine & Cooking Classes

Saturday February 19 at 6:30-8:00pm

You know Audrey as our winemaker.  But you may not know that in one of her many past lives, she was a TV cooking personality – first as weekly nutrition correspondent on The Today Show and CBS This Morning and then daily on her own show on America’s Health Network.


Join her in the Vineyard kitchen to cook along as you learn to make classic dishes that require "techniques" to perfect the recipe.  February 26 she will be your "Chef Remy" as she coaches you to create a delicious Ratatouille - a  classic French peasant dish - and a simple & delicious appetizer.  (If you aren't sure about ratatouille - watch this!!)


We will deliver 2 bottles of wine  and specialty ingredients for the recipes - enough for 4 servings.  Invite some friends,  strap on your aprons and follow along as we slice and dice together with Audrey in the Vineyard kitchen. 

Orders  ship on Wednesday before the class and should arrive by Friday.  You may also pick up at the winery beginning Thursday after noon.


 to order your wine & ingredients

Price $80 shipped

$60 pick up at winery 

coming in March - quick, easy, savory Late Night Italian Specialties!



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