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Riverside Jazz Latin - 2018.png

Concert Series

Riverside Jazz - Latin

Saturday September 8


These five musicians are among some of the top performing artists in the area.   Charlie Mark on saxophone is so popular that when in the audience of another band, they will often invite him up to do a set.   Arturo Baguer on base  has toured around the world performing multiple genres of music but his roots are Latin.  Alfonso Melendez on congas adds syncopation that deepens the rhythm of the music .  Ruben Ariola on drums  sets the fiery pace that makes Latin jazz danceable. And finally, Gary Staples on keyboard.!  If you want to become infected with the joy of music, watch Gary!  He so delights in playing that you will be swept away.

Concert etiquette applies

seating is limited to 48 - advance tickets recommended

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