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Winery Outlet Delivery Staff

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If you are a friendly person with a strong back and a valid driver's license, we need you!

We are a small, family owned winery that produces delicious wines from grapes grown on our property.  We sell these wines at our tasting room on location, at wine festivals and at restaurants that carry our wines.  We need a delivery person to transport and unload wines at these locations. (unfortunately, we don't have a really cute delivery truck like this one!!!)

Deliveries require 8-12 hours weekly.  The majority of our restaurants are in Bergen, Hudson & Union counties - so distance is usually 1 1/2 hr to get there.  Deliveries are made to more than one restaurant per visit.  We currently have ten restaurants.

Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs which is the weight of a case of wine.

Great job for someone who is retired, likes to drive and enjoys meeting people.  If you are a retired law enforcement officer, you will be given priority.

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TO APPLY:  send your resume via email to:

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