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Join us for a Virtual Wine &  Italian Cheese Tasting

Saturday June 20 6:00-7:00pm


We will pair cheeses from locally famous DiBruno Brothers in Philadelphia with 2 different wines. This first pairing event will include sapore del piave, moliterno  al tartufo and argitarango.  We will compare and contrast each cheese with the others then explore how their flavors change with paired with a slightly sweet, floral blush wine, Rosita, vs a classic dry red, Fuego. 

Sign up for the event and we will ship your wine & cheese selections to you.  Your order will ship on Thursday, June 18 and should arrive by Friday.  You may also pick up at the winery.


Then join us June 20 via Zoom for a guided virtual tasting and pairing.  We will all join in to discuss why certain flavor profiles compliment one another and how to "accessorize" a cheese tasting.  We can share "cheesy" stores and "wine" about life in lockdown.

Please do get your wine & cheese order

Pickup value $60  - price you pay $50 

Shipped value $80 - price you pay $70




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