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Social Media & Events Staff

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If you are a computer savvy person with writing talent, excellent grammar and great social media skills, we need you!

We are a small, family owned winery that produces delicious wines from grapes grown on our property.  While our focus is primarily grape growing & wine making, we also must offer hospitality activities to attract people to the winery to buy wine.  To promote these activities, we use social media - for which we need a social media and events assistant.

Tasks required take between 15-20 hours weekly and may include a weekend day when we are hosting a private event. 

The media assistant helps create and posts winery events to social media and to online calendars, monitors social media effectiveness, and helps with public relations efforts.

As events assistant, this person interacts with brides and others hosting private events here to coordinate their vendors, oversee their event and insure a smooth and memorable event for them.

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This position can be easily fulfilled from home.  We welcome a parent with small children!  Click here for additional detail.

TO APPLY:  send your resume via email to:

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