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Audrey's family teases her that you simply cannot take the farm out of the girl - much as she tried.

She grew up in Delhi, California surrounded by peaches, almonds and grapes - both for raisins and wine.  Her family owned a small farm.  From her earliest memories she wanted to "get the hell out of Delhi."  It was a wonderful small farming community but she longed for bright lights and big cities.  Her ticket out was education.

              BS - Bachelor of Science, Nutrition, University of California, Berkeley

              MPH - Master of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley

              PhD, - Doctor of Philosophy, nutrition & public policy, University of California, Berkeley

              JD - Juris Doctorate, Hastings College of the Law, University of California, San Francisco

Her passion was insuring that vulnerable groups - particularly mothers and infants, made the best nutritional choices - from breastfeeding their babies to improving for their own food selections.

             Nutritionist, Maternity & Infant Care Program, San Francisco Department of Health

She soon learned that those vulnerable to nutritional risks often lacked access to adequate food.  Whereupon, she moved into politics.

             Consultant, California State Senate Select Committee on Nutrition & Human Needs

where she helped pass legislation that lives on today as the "Moscone Nickel" supporting school meals for kids, initiating the WIC program in California and establishing a system of health care for California Indians who were disenfranchised from the federal Indian health act.

            Nutrition Coordinator, United States Department of Agriculture under President Carter

where she oversaw writing of the 1st U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the first food guide pyramid, introduced reforms to the National School Lunch program to provide more fresh, local fruits & vegetables in the program and further expanded the WIC program (Women, Infants & Children).

When President Carter lost the election, she moved to New York City to pursue both  academic and television careers.

            Professor, Columbia University, School of Public Health & Institute of Human Nutrition

She remained at Columbia for 20 years, as she says "enrolling soldiers in my army" to end health and nutrition injustices and to change public knowledge and behavior in food choices and actions.  She taught courses in Public Health Law & Policy, Domestic & International Food Programs and Health Communications, Social Marketing & the Media. 

During her academic tenure, she consulted with domestic governments and international organizations (PAHO, WHO, USAID) to draft/pass food and nutrition laws that would enhance, protect and expand domestic and international food supplies and consumer access.

Throughout her time at Columbia she also became a nationally known nutrition expert with regular television appearances.

             Nutrition Correspondent, Good Morning America

             Nutrition Correspondent, CBS This Morning

             Nutrition co-anchor, Sports Medicine, The Learning Channel

             Nutrition Host, Cornucopia, PM/Evening Magazine

             Nutrition Correspondent, America's Health, MSNBC

             Host of her own show, Ask the Dietitian, America's Health Network

In 2001 she and husband Steve Gambino decided they had enough of city life.  She wanted to return to the farm!!  They purchased 104 acres and she got yet another degree - this one in wine making from the University of California, Davis.  At the time she was the only female winemaker in NJ. 

Today, in addition to making wine, she has a small law practice assisting others who want to join the wine industry in navigating the various rules, regulations and requirements of becoming a bonded winery.


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