Our Wine Club

Los Banditos de Villa Milagro

Thick as thieves and partners in the crime of obsessive love of good food and wine,

Los Banditos de Villa Milagro are a band of merry, fun loving wine aficionados. 

Lead by their mascot,  el jefe Pancho Villa, Banditos enjoy discounts, savings and

special treatment and events such as

  • free tastings

  • 50% off tours

  • an additional %5 off all wine purchases - on top of regular discounts

  • $5 off tickets to our popular events

  • 25% off shipping

  • V.I.B. (Very Important Banditos) membership cards, and MORE! 

$45/year membership - Ask at the winery how you can join the Banditos!

El jefe de Los Banditos,

el General Pancho Villa