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Dine in the Vines(R)
Argentinian Grill

Argentinian Dinner - June 26  6:30

First a fun facts:  Argentina is the world's 8th largest country and has more cattle than people!! So it is no wonder that Asad0 (BBQ) is so popular!  Maria Monjes, chef and owner of The Sizzle, Argentinian BBQ in Hackettstown, will prepare a feast of grilled meats and sides for us.

Probably a good idea to wear your Guacho pants  so that you will have room for this meal !!

Bocadillos (little bites)

Chipas (cheese bread to dip in....)

Provoleta (melted provolone with fresh oregano)

Argentinian Chorizo

Baby greens with Cucumbers & dressing

Asado (the grilled meats)
Pollo Asado

Costillas de cerdo (pork ribs)


Frijoles negroes

Maduros dulce

Chimichuuri & Maria's other

amazing sauces in which to dip!!

Alfajores (traditional cookie filled with

Dulce de Leche and dipped in chocolate)


$75 per person
free wine tasting 6:30-7:00
dinner served 7:00
wine available by the bottle for purchase
gift wine glass to take home

Seating limited to 42

Reservations Required

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