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Music at Milagro

Saturday  May 18



Sonia Weimann studied music theory and voice at Valley Forge University.  Sonia is a unique vocalist bringing her own creative flair to a wide range of music from classic rock to jazz standards. In addition to singing, Sonia plays the keyboard and bass guitar. She has been singing since she was a child and has performed in front of audiences along the east coast and in Australia. Her soothing tone brings a unique sound and creative touch to her performances. She partnered with Robb Parker to form the musical collaboration called “That’s What She Said” a group that forms an eclectic collaboration of artists that strives to bring unique and creative style to cover songs in addition to performing original works.


Robert Parker began his music career in New York city. He is an accomplished guitarist and bassist who combines a potpourri of gospel, jazz, country, rock and RnB to create a unique style. He has played all over New York City and most notably at the famous Apollo theater in Harlem, the CBGBs club, Terra Blues, and other places along Bleecker Street in The Village. He has also performed up and down the east coast and overseas at the Narcissus Pegasus venue in Thailand with his band Black Pearl. Robert performed at the Briggs Farm festival in 2021. Robert is currently a house musician at the Camelback resort and is a member of the group, “That’s What She Said.”


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