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Julianna Sweeney
in concert
Sunday October 31


From her small town roots in Stewartsville, New Jersey, Julianna Sweeney is taking on the city streets of Albany, the NY Capital Region, the Lehigh Valley and NYC. 


This 20 year old singer-songwriter, though primarily a vocalist and pianist, writes and performs on various other instruments including guitar, aux percussion, and ukulele.   Her style has been noted to sound like a cross between Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, and Regina Spektor, with an essence of Coldplay.  


Julianna has written over 200 songs both for herself and other artists. In a generation of music produced to catch only the radio friendly ear, she hopes to pull the listener deeper with an emphasis on lyrics and meaning within each song. 


Julianna is currently a junior at the College of Saint Rose and working toward graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry.  Her recordings include "One Day at a Time," "Home," "Schism." and "Charming.

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