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Artisan Cheesemakers

March  2-3  - Italian specialities from 

March 9-10 - Flinthill Farm Organic cheeses

                             Coopersburg PA 

March 17-18- Irish Cheddar & Irish Soda bread

March 24=25 - Keystone Cheese - while it lasts

Wine and Cheese
 Weekends in March 
The "holy trinity" of food is wine, cheese and bread. Join us to break bread together with delicious samples of
international  and locally made
artisan cheeses.

You will sample cheese made from organic, pasture fed cows, cheeses seasoned with herbs and dried fruits and more. 

Cheese plates and chunks of cheese available for purchase to enjoy with
your purchase of a bottle of our exceptional European style blended wines.  Prepare to take some home to enjoy later!

$15 includes
wine tasting
cheese sampling

Bulk cheese
available to purchase for home
from each vendor

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