Wine & Chocolate
February 10-11

Bring your Sweetheart for a Sweet Date at our little "place of miracles."  From noon until 5 pm we will be tasting wine and chocolates paired with our wines.  From white chocolate to 70% cacoa we will see how wine and chocolate enhance each other's flavors.  An amazing combo is our Mi Carino ("my sweet or sweetie") - a honey wine paired with white chocolate.  Besame - our "kiss" of chocolate wine - will be sampled solo as it's chocolate deliciousness stands alone.  

Tasting $10
taste 7 wines, 4 chocolates, keep your gift glass
12- 5 pm Sat
12-5 pm Sun

meaning "Kiss Me"
in Spanish

Our chocolate infused barrel aged Cynthiana,.  Fortified to 18% alcohol, this sweet and delicious wine is truly
"un beso de chocolate!" 
Come taste!
Supply is limited