The Vineyard is an endless source of inspiration.   Each dawn we thank God for the wonders of another miraculous day to watch our vines grow, witness nature's bounty, and bask in the joys of our role as temporary caretakers of this little piece of earth.  Come join us to drink in the wonder of our farm.
                                This week in the Vineyard
                                This week in the Winery

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Our wines are resting - which makes me think that we don't grow old - we just slow down because we are resting!!  Hey, I like that.
They are not resting outdoors in the snow.  No one wants to do that.  They are inside our temperature controlled "Chill" Room where they are enjoying a tepid 55 degrees. 
We will start bottling soon in preparation for Spring and your visits. 

This is a first!  We have almost 3 ft of snow covering the vineyard.  Many of you ask if it will hurt the vines.  We hope that the snow will protect them from the sub-freezing nights that we have experienced.  The snow acts as a blanket to protect them - think "igloo for a grape vine!" 
We are keeping our fingers crossed that we have no bud damage when spring arrives.
Steve on his faithful John Deere plowing snow