The Vineyard is an endless source of inspiration.   Each dawn we thank God for the wonders of another miraculous day to watch our vines grow, witness nature's bounty, and bask in the joys of our role as temporary caretakers of this little piece of earth.  Come join us to drink in the wonder of our farm.
                                This week in the Vineyard
                                This week in the Winery

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We are bottling wine now as we look ahead to Fall and the need for space for the 2014 crop of wines.  Our new wine finishing walk-in refrigeration unit makes it so much easier to get the job done.  We are able to keep the room immaculately clean.  It is well organized.  Bottling is 100% faster and easier than in the past.
Come on out for a tour of the facility any Sat/Sun at 11:30am.  Please call to let us know you are coming.  We do a tour of the vineyard, then the processing facility then a wine tasting with hot hors d'oeuvres.  So call to make sure that we order food for you too!

Summer has arrived and with it an explosion of growth in vineyard.  Like most vineyards throughout the state, we suffered major winter damage with a large amount of kill back on cordons.
Yet, God is wonderous and our vines are pushing shoots from the trunk in an attempt to save themselves.  This may mean a short supply of grapes for our 2014 vintage - but hopefully recovery for future years.  Come see for yourselves.