The Feast of San Gennaro
Sunday, September 24
2pm - 5pm
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On July 6, 1903, Steve's great grandfather, Carlo Gambino, arrived at Ellis Island aboard the SS Napolitan Prince.  He was listed as a "laborer," was 38 years old, had $1800 lire in his pocket and was headed to the home of his friend, Pietro Ciaofalo on Elizabeth Street in New York in the heart of Little Italy. 
He left behind his wife, Nuncia, and five children who traveled in 1904 on the SS Carpathia (long before it was involved with the Titianic) to join him.  One of those children was Dominic Gambino, Steve's grandfather.
Many of the inhabitants of Little Italy were from Naples and each year to remember their homeland and its patron saint, San Gennaro, they would parade through the streets carrying a statue of their saint then celebrate their new country with music, food and dancing. 
Please join us Sunday, September 24 as we celebrate Steve's heritage and our impending harvest.  We start with the blessing of the vineyard then stomp some grapes, learn some useful Italian phrases, dance the Tarantella and snack on small bites of Italian appetizers while listening to Lou Pompilio's music.  We will finish the day with a drawing of Italian gifts and a serving of Tiramisu!!

We hope that you will join us.   Schedule