Chillin' at the Villa
Sat-Sun, May 26-27
Bring your own
Picnics have always been among my favorite activities.  I grew up on a farm and spent most of my time outdoors.  Yet, I was always excited when it was time to pack a lunch and head to Merced Lake, Tuolumne Meadows or Yosemite for the day.
Most of us spend far too much time isolated from our natural environment.  When was the last time you laid on the ground to watch an ant busily moving your lunch crumbs back and forth?  Or witnessed the mating dance of a turkey? (we have lots this year).  Or smelled rose petals withering in the mid-day sun?  Or watched the breeze as it creates waves in a field of wheat?  (we just planted 5 acres of organic wheat)  You are missing all of this!!!

Come on out this weekend.  Bring a tent, blanket, chair.  Bring your picnic.  Sit on the porch or under a tree.  Our grill will be up for you.  Grab a bottle of chilled wine and REEEEELLLAXXXX!

Let nature provide your music and your entertainment.  Turn off your electronics and experience nature!  Hope to see you.

(Pancho says be sure to bring a cookie for him :>)

And if you want a great recipe for something delicious to bring, try our Sausage Gambino recipe!