In keeping with our commitment to care for the earth, Villa Milagro Vineyards hand harvests its grapes then blends them to highlight the best of each varietal used in the blend.  We hope that you come visit the vineyard to enjoy our wines.  We are open weekends for Tastings and sales from 11:00am-5:00pm, daily for sales from 9:00am-5:00pm and at other times by appointment.  Bring a bring a lunch, stay for a while to enjoy our views while you sip!

Call to order our wines:  908-995-2072
Luz del Sol
Aged in stainless steel with distinct flavor of its Chardonnay origins and a splash of Pinot Grigio,  this "sip of sunshiine" pairs well with salmon, caviar, and lightly savory dishes.
Dry White Wine.

A classic blend of Cabernets Franc, Sauvignon,  and  other reds, this dry red wine is earthy and musty.  It pairs well with savory dishes, mushrooms and other meaty dishes.
Dry red wine.

This slightly sweet rosy blush wine with fruity,  perfumed notes, is light and fresh, with a clean flavor,. A blend of American hybrids and Muscat Canneli,  Rosita compliments delicate flavored dishes and fruit.
Slightly sweet white.  $16.99

Our Wines
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We can SHIP -  state law now allows us to ship wine to NJ and other reciprocal states.  Call us to ship wine if your don't have time to pick it up in person.

In addition to wine you purchase here, please enjoy our wines paired with delicious foods at our winery outlets.  We select only those restaurants that hand make all menu items and that give preference to locally sourced foods.

Made in the style of California wines with oak and fruit forward, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and other reds  is a classic dinner wine that pairs well with pork, hearty meats and strong cheeses.
Dry red wine

Red Wines

White Wines
A delicate white wine, crisp and light.  A nice acidity balanced by a touch of sweetness.  Pairs perfectly with fish,, poultry and other light fare. 
Off-dry White Wine. $15.99

Mi Carino
Meaning "my sweet heart" this delicate HONEY wine is a perfect after dinner finish to a meal.  Pairs with chocolate, desserts (even fruitcake!!) and strong coffee! 
Semi-sweet White Wine. $13.99

Feliz Navidad
With a base of wine made from Cynthiana grapes infused with spices, this sweet holiday wine can be warmed to sip by the fireplace as winter chill sets in.
Sweet red wine