Wine Tasting Classes - BootCamp  for your Tastebuds
Dinner with the Vintners
Join us for wine pairing dinners at restaurants that feature our wines.  Their chefs will prepare a delicious selection of menu items to compliment each of our wines.  Our winemaker, Dr. Audrey Cross and husband, Steve Gambino, we will guide you through principles of wine tasting and pairing, as your tastebuds are tickled and teased by delicious combinations of wine and food. 

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Soft drinks never vary from "vintage to vintage."  Wines do - and not only from year to year but from one vineyard to the next or one vintner to another. 
Learn to discern fruit and other flavor notes, tannins, acids, and oaks in wine.  Discover how to taste "terroir", smell sulfur, and recognize chemical changes in wine responsible for "off" flavors.  Become a mini-wine-snob and drive your friends and family crazy with "significant" details!!!
Classes are offered for groups of 10-25 by appointment and by prior enrollment in scheduled classes. 
Feb. 28, March 1, March 7 & 8, March 28 & 29  Details

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