Holiday wine release
and Sale
Nov. 4-5

It's that time of year again!
Guests dropping in. 
Parties to attend. 
Hostess gifts to give.
You need wine to give and to share!

Two special holiday wines
and an old favorite, Rosita
Sales Special this weekend:
buy 4 bottles or more - receive a gift wine tote
buy 7-11 bottles - receive 5% off and the wine tote
buy a case (12 bottles) - receive 10% off and the wine tote.  You can mix and match your case.

Cook up a quick and easy batch of appetizers
to offer guests or take along. 
Simple to make.  Tasty to eat!
Audrey's Cookbook

A perfect way to say "Thank you" to colleagues, friends, neighbors and family.  Light and crisp, this is a popular all round wine.

Mi Carino
meaning "my Honey" or "my sweethard" this honey wine or meade is a traditional holiday drink.  Serve it as an apéritif or after dinner.

After a brief late summer vacation, Rosita is back.  Loved for its easy sipping style, this Blush wine is a party favorite.  $16.99