Making wine is hard when it comes to what to serve to accompany my wines, I like easy!  And I do mean EASY - from preparation, to service, to clean up. 

I also love to eat with my fingers.  Reaching for a delicate morsel and popping it into my mouth is somehow much more satisfying than wrestling with an appetizer plate or a fork.

Surpsingly, you can learn to make these bitesize delectables from simple ingredients that you have on hand.  You will love how quick and easy they are to make.  Your guests will be amazed at your talent!

o   65 recipes
o   all easy to make
o   all quick to make
o   most make-ahead or freeze for later
o   no special equipment required
o   no hard to find ingredients
o   all easy to eat
o   no dishes to clean up after serving!
Tapas,  Canapés, Appetizers, Hors d'oeuvres
and other Tasty Tidbits
to pair with Wine

written by our own
winemaker, renowned nutritionist and cookbook author,
Dr. Audrey Cross

$10.00 at the winery
$13.75 shipped to you
all copies are authographed by the author