Chef's Secrets Cooking Class
Saturday, April 6

They make it look so simple.  And they do it so quickly!  What is their secret?

Truth be told, there are a limited number of basic ingredients that make up the menus of even the fanciest of restaurants.  These key ingredients are used repeatedly but in different ratios, proportions and combinations.  This is best seen in restaurant menus that offer 3-5 different variations for each category of main dish and salad.  Why then are we stumped by the question, “What’s for dinner?”

This class will take the mystery out of menu planning by giving you a new orientation to building a meal.  It will reveal secrets that allow restaurant chefs to prepare meals in minutes.  It will give you basic tools to build recipes from scratch, working with the ingredients you have on hand. 

The course is taught by our own Dr. Audrey Cross who has had her own cooking show on national television and has authored several cookbooks.

You will leave with ideas and skills to make fresh, healthy, tasty and memorable meals that are easy and quick.  Best of all, you get to eat the class products along with Villa Milagro wines! 

Course fee includes food, wine, cutlery, and course materials.

$65 per student
class space limited

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