BOOTCAMP for your Tastebuds(TM)
swish & swirl like a pro!

Sautrday March 24
or Sunday March 25

starts at 1:00pm

Never sure which wine to choose?  Can't tell a chardonnay from a riesling?  Can't taste the "leather, tobacco or prunes" that other's claim to taste?  We'll train your tastebuds!

Learn to discern fruit and other flavor notes, tannins, acids, and oaks in wine.  Learn characteristic flavor profiles for white vs red wines.  Learn the steps to properly tasting a wine.  Become a mini-wine-snob and drive your friends and family crazy with "significant" details!!!

$30 per person
includes instructional materials, tasting samples, wines,
and a gift monogrammed wine glass to keep
10% discount on all wine purchases day of class
90 minutes class - select date and time
each class is limited to 18

additional classes will be added in March as each class fills