It’s that time of year.  Guests dropping in unexpectedly, office and school events to which you need to bring something.  And you have no time! 

Come on out to sample delicious tidbits that are quick & easy to make for the holidays. 
We will also discuss how to pair wines with appetizers to best compliment one another.

Come!  Enjoy!

wine tasting
gift glass to keep

Buy 2 -3 bottles - free corkscrew
Buy 4 or more - free cloth wine bag
Buy 7-11 bottles - get $5 off + 1 wine bag
Buy a case (12+) - get 10% off
plus corkscrew & 1 wine bag

Holiday Appetizer Party

Sat-Sun, November 18-19
winemaker, renowned nutritionist and cookbook author,
Dr. Audrey Cross

The vineyard's cookbook of appetizers is a great gift - to yourself or others!  $10.
o   65 recipes
o   all easy to make
o   all quick to make
o   most make-ahead or freeze for later
o   no special equipment required
o   no hard to find ingredients
o   all easy to eat
o   no dishes to clean up after serving!