At Villa Milagro Vineyards we are committed to preserving the earth for its current and future generations.  Hard labor replaces agricultural chemicals - for example we use hoes to remove weeds under vines instead of dousing them with herbicides.  Proprietor, Steve Gambino, is  a genius at building equipment to help save our backs.  His multi-purpose mower-edger-flamer is a "one-of-kind" device for mowing, triming the edge of the rows and removing weeds from under the vines.  It is really cool to see the flames in the night sky.

When he is not wrangling the tractor, Steve is Director of BNI (Business Network Int'l) for northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania and owner of Milagro Associates, a real estate and commercial finance company.  Watching him race up and down the vineyard rows is evidence of his past as a formula race car driver.
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Steve is assisted by his lovely wife, Audrey, who serves as vineyard hand and winemaker.  Her doctoral degree in nutrition and wine making credential both from the University of California helps with the chemistry while her upbringing as a farmer's daughter helps with the attitude about doing manual labor! 

Dr. Audrey is author of numerous books, a former television show host and one of the most quoted nutritionist in the country.  She teaches our Bride's Basics cooking courses and shares our lives with you via her blog, "Vine Posts."
             Other employees are:

Silki who has retired from mouse hunting as she is now blind.

        Tuxedo who would rather sniff flowers than take over Silki's job!

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